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New York City

Updated: Jul 9

We headed into New York City on our drive back from the Hamptons. The drive takes about an hour and forty minutes. It is a really beautiful drive in late November. The leaves have changed colors for fall and it's just magical.

Queens Midtown Tunnel Flood Gate

On the drive over we went through the Queens-Midtown tunnel which is a vehicular tunnel under the east river in New York. I am always a big fan of driving or taking a train under water, but I have this strange fear of what happens if water does start to come in? Well, they designed a 44,600 pound flood gate that has E Pluribus Unum inscribed on it which in Latin means out of many one. This gate is 14 feet high and two feet thick and 29 feet long. The full closing of these gates takes approximately 30 minutes in the event of a superstorm creating a watertight barrier.

Once we got into New York we checked into our hotel the Intercontinental which was located in Times Square. We decided to stay here because well it was free with our IHG credit card (points) and Mckenna wanted to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway, so it was super close walk.

If this is your first time in New York, we recommend doing the following which (you can watch in our video below).

  1. Big Bus Tour, this allows you to hop on and off all day and takes you by (of the major landmarks. Not only does it get you around the city, but they give you headsets to listen to New York's history and information about all of the landmark's you drive by

  2. China Town (Great deals on food and any Souvenirs you may want)

  3. One World Observatory (9/11 memorial and great views of the entire city) we didn't have enough time but if you do also check out the empire state building and the American museum of natural history.

  4. Central Park (walk around as there is a lot you can do here like catch the zoo, attractions, or a carriage ride).

  5. Check out a broad way show (we went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) but there are so many great ones to see.

  6. Times Square

Big Bus Tour tickets (20% off New York, Washington DC, London, Paris, Rome, Dublin, Sydney, Hong Kong, and more). click below to book your tour:

New York Open-Top Bus Tours | Big Bus Tours

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