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Isla Mujeres

The next day we headed over to Isla Mujeres. Which is close by if you are staying in the hotel zone of Cancun. We rented a golf cart for the three of us for $45 USD, but there are scooters as well which we have done previously.

Island near Cancun
Isla Mujere

We enjoyed the boat ride over which usually has live music and you can catch me dancing to it. So within our drive we always love to stop at the cemeteries on this Island. When you think of cemeteries you normal think of dark and gloomy. In Mexico the cemeteries here are bright and colorful. They have altars so that loved ones can bring offerings back to family members. During Dia De Los Muertos which begins on Oct 31 and continues through Nov 2 families bring these offerings to the altars.

We also found a cute little family owned coconut stand by the side of the road. Mckenna was able to try fresh coconut for the first time, and she was able to pick out a seashell to take home.

Coconuts Isla Mujeres
Coconut Stand

Sea Shells
Picking out her Sea Shell

We ended the day by heading over to Playa Norte, and grabbing some ceviche, beers, and to relax by the beach. The water is such a beautiful color here that we all had to jump in and enjoy it.

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