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Flying to Copenhagen, Denmark

Updated: Jul 9

Every New Year's Eve, we decide as a family to pick a destination out of a hat. We each pick two places anywhere in the world we really want to go to and each year the next person gets to pick one. Last year NYE 2020 we picked an overnight train and we had seen one up to Kiruna we really wanted to do. So here we are flying into Denmark from LAX to take a train up to Kiruna a day after we land.

Lucky we got upgraded, unlucky we got a passenger that was extremely ill on the flight

So, the flight over we didn't have seats, we thought we would all be middle seats and not sitting next to each other. At the LAX airport we were lucky enough to get upgraded. Unfortunately, we got a very sick passenger who could not stop coughing and blowing his nose the whole trip. If you want to see our experience on traveling during the covid omnicron surge, click on the below video.

Walk in Copenhagen

Copenhagen was beautiful, and we got to spend just the day checking out the city, and the beautiful Christmas markets, and my favorite Glogg.

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