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Delta One for Thanksgiving!

Updated: Jul 9

Happy Thanksgiving!

Macy's New York

So, one of the worst days to travel on is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We thought that Thanksgiving might be just as bad but were shocked to see that JFK was relatively normal and it took us maybe 15 minutes to get through the TSA line and we do not have TSA pre check line. We need to sign up for TSA pre check though as it would save us a lot of hassle.

We decided to wear our Christmas sweaters as we were feeling extra festive it being Thanksgiving. Can you guess what movie our sweaters were from- in the comment section below? One of my dad's favorites! A few pilots at the TWA hotel stopped us to check them out.

Delta Sky Club JFK

First stop after getting through TSA, was Delta Sky Lounge. It was a nice stop as they had a decent buffet set up for breakfast. They have a beautiful patio outside were it overlooks all of the planes, and it was a nice and chilly day outside. We were able to relax for a little bit and get a nice bite to eat before heading to our plane for boarding.

Chocolate Turkey Staff at Delta Sky Club Handed Us

The Delta staff made sure to come around to all of the children in the Sky Lounge and hand out chocolate turkey pops. They were quite cute.

Delta Sky Club Patio at JFK

We spent about an hour at the lounge before pre-boarding started. Once on the flight Mckenna found her seat and said "This is nice". Yes, it was! It was a nice way to relax after running around New York for the week. Our feet and legs were sure tired. Ivan here reclined to a bed to watch ELF the movie.

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