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Arizona State Fair 2021

Updated: Jul 9

Last year as you all know most things were cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Well the Arizona State Fair was one of them. I have always loved going to the fair. My favorite part about the fair has always been the school kids art that is on display to see.

So this year when we saw that it was back in action, we decided to go on the day you get in free with a 10 can of food donation on the We Care Wednesdays. Not only does the canned food drive benefit the St. Mary's Food Bank, but it also helps to lower the cost of the overall day. They do this every Wednesday before 6pm.

First things first, when we got in Mckenna was hungry and opted for a turkey leg. The smell captivates you the minute you walk into the fair. Ivan was stuck on getting a corndog. I think the last time I ate a corndog must have been in middle school.

Turkey Leg Fair
Eating the Turkey Leg!

There were a good amount of vendors here and we loved that there was still a "Fall Spin" on the fair even though it was a warm sunny day. Everything you would normally get at a fair was here. Rides, games, food vendors, animals, art, and entertainment.

One of everything to go, please (All different flavors of candy apples, fudge, and treats)

After all the delicious treats we headed over to the ski lifts. Not a big fan of ski lifts because the last time I went snowboarding ski lifts were not my friend. I couldn't get off and literally fell flat on my face because I got stuck.

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